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Teresa Trevisan and Flavio Zaccaria debuted in 2002 at the International Festival in Bitola (Macedonia) where they successfully performed a rare transcription for piano four hands of the Brandenburg Concertos of Bach-Reger by Filippo Trevisan,which was widely acclaimed by audiences and critics thereafter.

"...the duo's stylistic signature is the extreme care in producing timbres, which is the natural link between their pianism and the spiritual level of the listener.....the enviable precision and the astonishing combination of contrasting registers with the flowing lines of the music..... the sensitive flow in the expression, the amazing refinement of the tonal palette, the plastic tempo... "
"Horizons of Music" – (Sofia-Bulgaria) May 2013

" ... they create a perfect team and the execution is crystal clear in the contrapuntal sections ...
technically... blend into a fine ensemble piano, full of art and poetry , with intelligent balance .. "
"Piano Journal" (London) 2013

The duo was born shortly before this first appearance.
The two pianists combined the personal musical experiences which had come from different schools and teachers, namely the Trieste Music Conservatory and The Ecole Normale in Paris for Teresa, as a student of Luciano Gante and Aquiles Delle Vigne; the Venice Music Conservatory “Benedetto Marcello” for Flavio, whose teachers had been Eugenio Bagnoli, Ugo Amendola and Bruno Mezzena.
Their different backgrounds had led them to confront the main repertoire and the particular aspects of this ensemble. However, since 2002 they devoted themselves to deepening lesser known works. In 2006 their CD from Velut Luna dedicated to works by Max Reger as the Suite op.16 and the Sechs Klavierstücke op. 94 was awarded the Honorary Mention at the Web Concert Hall Competition (USA). They have since toured with notable recitals in Italy, Austria,Belgium,Bulgaria,Finland,France,Great Britain, Ireland,Lithuania,Macedonia,Serbia, Slovakia,Spain, Slovenia,Turkey.
In 2016 the duo started a recording project on composers of the early '900, under the Limen Music label. The first CD/DVD devoted to the opera omnia for two pianos by Ferruccio Busoni has been just released.
They are frequently invited to hold piano and piano duo master classes in many important institutions such as the Oulu University (Finland),the CSM in Murcia(Spain),the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius,the Yasar University in Izmir(Turkey),the Conservatoire Royal de Mons (Belgium),the Sofia Music Academy,the CIT Cork School of Music,the CSMC in Castellòn(Spain),the CONSMUCAN in Las Palmas(Gran Canaria-Spain),the Sofia Music Academy,the CIT Cork School of Music,the Konservatorium MUK and the University in Wien,the Trinity Laban College in London and, through videoconference,the Texas Christian University in Fort Worth(USA) .
Since 2009 the duo has collaborated with the GARR to the development of the project LOLA
(Low Latency Audio Visual streaming system) which is studying the possibility of audio-video remote connections in real time.
In November 2010, the duo made a remote world première live-performance between the IRCAM in Paris and the Tartini Conservatory in Trieste.

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" ...the CD recorded by the piano duo Trevisan-Zaccaria, swimming against the stream, is very pleasant to listen to: four hands touching the keyboard gave a clear movement and a nimble phrasing to the counterpoint of the Suite op.16 and the Sei Pezzi op.94.."
Suono -Umberto Padroni

" ...a crepuscular passacaglia, a monument to the last Baroque, which consists of twenty-nine variations of exquisite workman-ship which the Trevisan-Zaccaria duo express in a learned and fresh way, exalting the intimate and troubled dimension...the writing for piano, delivered extraordinarily, in a punctual agreement and perfect harmony by the Duo is strongly anchored to an organ-orchestral praxis full of tonic-concert nuances...the duo, with intelligence and sensitiveness, expresses the bright and many sided colours which characterize this masterpiece by dipping into a dynamic palette more varied and vaster than ever. Always careful to the articulations and phrasing, the essential connecting point between organ and piano styles the duo brilliantly puts in evidence the strong relation between the 100's and the Baroque period, with great care in the recording.
The pianists characterize the phrases very well, always paying attention to the ornamentation and an agogica which effectively expresses the tempo and the style of the movements...
Presentazione CD - Renato della Torre

the CD
"...it might happen to make several exciting discoveries about the timbre and counterpoint in these beautiful works, sometimes the instrumental colours put several details of this version in the shade...the piano timbres are very interesting, also compared with the original committed to the different instruments...it is to the pianist's great credit that they could bring to an end that hard work..."
CD Classica- Pietro Acquafredda

The piano Duo Teresa Trevisan - Flavio Zaccaria
"...the two pianists Flavio Zaccaria and teresa trevisan overcame the difficulties of the score...it has been an exciting surprise to rediscover the concerts..."
Il Piccolo- Liliana Bamboshek

"...the interpreters have expressed at the piano the completeness of an orchestra...especially in the slow movements...their ability in performing has been confirmed in the Fugue with her perfection...moments of intense emotion...very high level...particularly in the long cadenza..."
Trieste Oggi-Ignazio Urso

"...the Piano duo has created the orchestra's sonorous dimension with such a very high artistic level. They have performed this Bach's majestic work with authenticity, fascinating the public with their extraordinary artistic delicacy which permits to create a real connection between music and audience..."
Interfest Bitola- Vaska Naumovska Tomowska

Rachmaninoff vol.I
Rachmaninoff vol.II
CD Rachmaninoff II°
"...the Trevisan brothers can take Rachmaninoff to a sonorous territory
where the historical category of the late Romanticism leaves space to the pure feeling...the interpretative choice always minds to qualify the performance and to make understandable the aesthetic decisions..."
Il Gazzettino - Marco Maria Tosolini

Flavio Zaccaria
Il Trio di Venezia a Szeged (Ungheria)

"...artists of high level...great performance ...joy of the universal music ...charm of strings and abandonment to the counterpoint of the pianist ... active delicacy of the pianist...unforgettable ...unexceptionable performance...memorable. The interprets have showed in the same way their viruosity and their musical greatness. ...the public has applauded enthusiastically the Italian artists..."
Szegedi "Elet" Dombi Jozsefné

Il Quartetto Marcello agli Amici della Musica di Udine
"...syntony of technique and interpretation...very important moments of communication and intensity..."
Messaggero Veneto - Battista Sburlino

Duo De Rossi-Zaccaria al Teatro Modena di Palmanova
"...very difficult program...perfect technique ...they move themselves through the different styles ... the articulation is accurate...the choice of the agogica, the elegance of creating the music and the beautiful sound have involved the dense public of listeners ...a great success..." Messaggero Veneto-Francesco Rizzoli



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